About LDP


At Lucid Dream Productions we cover a whole host of services in our pursuit of bringing a defined style to any given project. Whether in music videos, films, commercials or promotional videos; our concepts are created to bring stark lucid visuals to life. The trademarked LDP logo developed in 2003, represents the written and directorial work of Carl Allegard.  Since being trained in both digital media and film, since 1999, Carl Allegard is bringing together the capabilities of a growing network of likeminded professionals at LDP.  By working on 35mm, 16mm, 4k & HD; his work has shown to be well received commercially, with his music videos shown on television, directed short films placed in Film Festivals and written feature scripts awarded “wins” in script competitions.

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Carl Allegard is an MA alumni of  The London Film School, where he continued directing and brought more of his ideas from page to screen. Previously, in his B.A.,B.F.A degree in Media Production, he commenced with the launch of non-linear video editing, over more than a decade ago and  was also taught the tasks of being a thorough producer, with his growing talent as a screenwriter, certified with a post graduate course at NYU, all these elements have helped enable his talents to work more for him in the future.  In working with media and film for fifteen years, he seeks more professionals into his network across the board, from writing films, directing music videos, mediating in his screenplays for production and even penning proposals for advertising brands.


Carl Allegard is stacking up his feature screenplay folder and he is increasing the diversity and ammunition of work by escalating his output with more feature film scripts for independent and for co-film production. Currently, he has finished a new world cinema screenplay and also recently completed a book adaptation to TV project, following two Animation feature scripts; one of which, is the award winning feature script ‘Vernon’. Lastly, he is working on a sci-fi thriller script and putting finishing touches on a USA comedy, whilst more screenplays remain in his future plans.

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